Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chicago Bears and Jeff Fisher

I got this faxed to me from a friend who is in Atlanta for
the game against the Atlanta Falcons. I am going to post it.

National Whistle Blower Hotline News Release

Last night in Atlanta Georgia the National Football League,
Chicago Bears found a very interesting player who they are
considering for their practice squad. His moves are very good
and he has a great kicking leg.

For a man of the age of 45 it's amazing to find such a person.
He just happened to be at the Marriot at the same time as
were many of their players complaining about the city being
closed up. Mr. Fisher said it’s a shame that they have so much
unneeded security measures in a city that represents the
beauty of a peach.

He handed them, including some of the players personal
managers, several printouts that were eye awakening
regarding our elections, the media, 9-11 and even the death
of JFK, MLK and RFK. Jeff was so excited that he was able
to have given information to be forwarded to Eric Titwell.

Mr. Titwell is the Director of The Martin Luther Kink Jr.
Center for nonviolence Inc.

The address is:
Freedom Hall 449 Auburn Avenue, NE Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone - 404-331-5198 ext. 3017

National Park Service Visitors Center
450 Auburn Avenue, NE Atlanta, GA 30312

Mr. Fisher tried to go to the Ebenezer Church
but the African American Parks Service officer
said he couldn't.

Open All YearOpen From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Location - 407 Auburn Avenue, NE

It was just after 5 p.m. when he had finished giving
them his last copy of the court case which was intended
for Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Jeff told many of our players she will be his Vice President
after Al Gore becomes President again in 2009. He said it
is not going to cost anything for these future elections. He
said that is due special thanks to the Internet and that the
media from now on must print the truth.

Well since they were closed Jeff still wanted to come back
the next day and was informed that would not be possible.
What would be the cause of barring American citizen form
a U.S. National Historic Park that is free to all who want
to partake in Democracy and peace for all of mankind?

Maybe it was because Mr. Fisher had told some family in a
car outside of the center all about the evidence he presented
inside the center. Is the evidence supposed to be a secret?
Mr. Fisher said "The Truth must always prevail"

The park officer then calmly tried to intimidate Jeff Fisher
by telling him she might have him escorted to Grady Hospital
for psychiatric evaluation. Mr. Fisher told her to get Christ
and to stop taking orders from AIPAC.

He then said "My God MLK blessed him and four other children,
including Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, even though she
doesn't remember it. The five children were told they would all
do great things for America. They all have. It is unknown how the
first two children died. The third one died in 2003 in Iraq.

The other special blessing was that one of them would take the
nation out of a great darkness that God never intended."

Jeff said it is about him and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
being a future ticket for the Whitehouse. It takes teamwork to
run a nation. Something the Bears are famous for. Mr. Fisher
stated that our nation is about We the People always. He said
the White House will always be open to the public as well as our
Courts and both Houses of Congress. The taxpayers pay for these
people and they will not ever be told they can't walk into any of
their offices again. He said they represent everyone in America,
not just their Congressional District. Good common sense point.

He has so much to offer our nation and the planet. We are hoping
that the NFL can have him as one of their spokesman along with
every other sporting group that ever existed. He is the ultimate
fan and athlete in the fact that he understands the fun, teamwork
and friendship sports builds into one's character as long as they
have belief in God. Mr. Fisher is very Christian but he said there
are great Hebrews, Muslims and a few other religions that have
a belief in a higher power but mainly a belief in only one creator.

What we know right now is that he is still in Atlanta and that he
did hand over to CNN security early this morning some paperwork
of which the Chicago Bears already have copies of.

He gave the Chicago Bears several sheets of printed materials
that he pulled up in Google. The search term was
" Signed, an American Patriot Jeff Fisher "

The National WhistleBlower Hotline along with Al Gore wants
to see this man on television by Sunday or they just might have
the entire NFL pull all contracts with them. The NFL is about
family and they will not let this man who protected all the families,
including the families of NFL players and those who work in some
capacity or are associated in any fashion with the Chicago Bears,
Cook County or the state of Illinois.

Jeff said he loved the Blues Brother movie and wished he had met
John Belushi before his death. We have no idea what he meant
when he said that Lydia will love posting more on DU…

Mr. Fisher has told some of our players and several people about
this including Bruce Gordon and Julian Bond of the NAACP prior
to the July 20th President George W. Bush presentation at the 97th
annual NACP convention. The week before he had handed over to
Reverend Jesse Jackson on the Steps of the Longworth Building
further evidence of Clint Curtis and his involvement in the 2000
election from evidence of an email in 1999 regarding the mailing
of further instructions for the Choicepoint Program which
Jack Abramoff was working on.

Mr. Fisher told us he would love to play for all the teams in the
NFL. He would donate all the monies to several causes, including
the Whistleblower Legal Fund for those that have witnessed horrific
crimes against humanity. He also has to thank Interpol for helping him.
Therefore this will lead to helping whistleblowers all around the planet.

The address to send that to is
To send Check or Money order on behalf of Legal battles
and living costs:Jeff FisherP.O. Box 57 Sarasota, FL 34230

This address is for more than three thousand whistleblowers
already thanks to Mr. Fisher moving about our great nation and in
a few other nations over the past 31 months. This was done because
he hid information right after he got real hard evidence on July 27, 2004.
The threats came later that night via a man from the Mossad who paid
Jeff Fisher a visit outside of the home of Ben Roth. Ben lives in Boynton Beach
Florida. All because Jeff Fisher believes in honesty, integrity, the United
States Constitution and life.

My god he gave up his family to save all of America. Why is his family
and his now ex-wife so angry and hateful toward such actions.

Oh he even told us that FBI Agent Tom Heneghan had reached
the Gore people to have Mr. Gore come to Atlanta and tour the
area with Jeff Fisher. He said that he would have the Secret Service
find him in one of the hotels near the airport. He can be recognized
because he is wearing a black cowboy hat saying "Perfect" on it.

Roger Rancourt

We hope someone posts this on the Internet. Mr. Fisher is a very
busy man and he still takes out time to pray and wish everyone
Merry Christmas.